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James Connelly this record has so many tracks hit so many emotions that you are overwhelmed at times. A truly amazing album!
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STORYDWELLING is about cultivating courageous and compassionate curiosity for each other by deeply listening to and authentically sharing our stories with one another, thereby healing ourselves and our world. Storydwelling, the album, is a collection of songs from our shared human story, deeply personal song from my story and songs with imagination for the story we will write together with our lives from here, onward.

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released September 13, 2011

Except where otherwise indicated, songs are written and copyrighted by Heatherlyn (©2011 Heatherlyn Music/ASCAP)

Recorded at The Library Recording Studio, Minneapolis, MN
Produced, engineered and mixed by Matt Patrick

Mastered by Greg Reierson at Rareform Mastering, Minneapolis, MN

Graphic Design and Artistic Direction: Sarah Karnas

Photography: Jason R. Hamilton-Chronis



all rights reserved


Heatherlyn Minneapolis, Minnesota

Heatherlyn is a singer/song-artist with a Soul – Roots – Rock vibe from Minneapolis MN. Her soulful, honest voice resonates with people from many various walks of life. In concert, Heatherlyn leads participants on a refreshing journey of connection – from whimsical laughter together to deeper thoughtfulness about life and love, considering how we each are conduits of peace and hope in our world. ... more

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Track Name: Wayfaring Stranger
I am a poor wayfaring stranger
while traveling thru this world of woe;
Yet there’s no sickness, toil, or danger
in that bright world to which I go.
I’m going there to see my Father.
I’m going there no more to roam.
I’m only going over Jordan. I’m only going over home.

I know dark clouds will hang around me.
I know my way is rough and steep.
Yet beautiful fields arise before me,
where God’s redeemed their vigils keep.
I’m going there to see my mother.
I know she'll greet me when I come.
I'm only going over Jordan. I'm only going over home.

I want to wear that crown of glory,
when I get home to that good land.
Well I want to shout salvation’s story
in concert with, oh, the gospel band.
I’m going back to see my savior.
I’m going back no more to roam.
I’m only going over Jordon. I’m only going over home.
I’m only going over home. I’m only going over home.
Track Name: You'll Never Know
You should see these baby blues.
Hear her nearly melodic coos.
Everyday, there’s something new.
She's rollin' around right now,
but she’ll be crawlin’ soon.

Tiny fingers on piano keys
Twinkle little star, comes along with little ease
Playground feats; she skins her knee
Wipin’ tears away: “mama, kiss it please.”

You’ll never know what you’ve been missing
She had to go when you wouldn’t stop your drinking
Little girls grow, learn your ways,
then do their own thinking.
But you’ll never know what you’ve been missing.

Pigtails bob, skippin through blueberry fields
Homemade muffins, we'll bake in the morning
Holding her favorite bear for a bedtime story
Hopin' for fireflies and fairies in her dreams

You’ll never know what you’ve been missing
She had to go when you wouldn’t stop your drinking
Your little girl grows.
She’s smart in school and really likes singing
But you’ll never know what you’ve been missing.

Did you ever wonder: “What will she be like?”.
Even once ponder:
“wish I’d never let her outa my sight.”?
Guess if I had to choose,
I’d take abandonment over abuse.
But either way, the both of us loose.

I'll never know what we've been missing.
She had to go when you wouldn't stop your beating.
Your little girl's all grown, livin' dreams,
yeah, life goes on.
But neither one of us can ever know all we've been missing.